Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Routines - My Way of Creating

I create a routine in the following way. I have a paper definition, which I use the computer to create. My paper definition includes daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sections. Each task on my routine is one of those types.

For daily routines, I have 4 routines a day. I have a morning routine, which is done whenever I get up. Then I have a lunch routine, which is done when it is time for lunch. Then I have a dinner routine, which is done when it is time for dinner. Then I have a bedtime routine, which is done before I go to bed.

After putting my routines on paper, I enter them into outlook's calendar. I'm currently still using version 2003... Then I synchronize them using software to my gmail calendar. After that, synchronize them to my phone, by forcing it to sync. It is an android phone. Then I have a copy I can take wherever I want for my routines. So therefore I can do the same routine wherever I am if I need to. I code the 4 routines as follows:

Morning Routine - MR
Lunch Routine - LR
Dinner Routine - DR
Bedime Routine - BR

I put in the routines under an event with the above names. I can turn on alarms if I need reminders to do my routine. I can turn on daily alarms for some or all of the daily events, or I can turn on reminders for my specific routines by leaving the rest alone and turning on reminders for the title of the routine. I usually have reminders off for me for my routine.

Then I post one copy of the paper routine on my wall, and put another in my personal book for reference.

Routines - General Information

It is good to follow a routine. A routine (or daily routine or ritual or schedule or daily schedule) is the basics of how to do a good job taking care of yourself. It should be tailored towards you and your needs. However, you want to be as independent as possible, so it should somehow include all the responsibilities you are capable of doing.


This blog is about how to live independently. It will tell secrets or insights about how I live independently. Therefore, it is somewhat geared towards an individual who is an adult with Autistic Disorder, though very high functioning. However, it could also be applied to better anybody who doesn't already know how to take care of themselves.